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Tiffany Paige

“Tiffany’s unique songwriting ability and un-compromised form of self-expression has set her apart from the rest. Encapsulating the soul of the era, soulful beats, melodies and harmonies, and fused with the grit of today’s Hip Hop; Possessing a positive vibe with a sultry mentality.”

Tiffany bridges the generation gap of musical taste, winning the approval of the streets and the hearts of hopeless romantics on one sonic canvas. Dedicated to redecorating the walls of the music industry, this Fire for Hire squadron keeps her aim sharp for high Quality in high Quantity. Erasing the thin line between Timeless and Trendy never looked so easy. She is like water for the chocolate, ash of the itchy and scratchy disc jockey. Tiffany Paige is best known for her work w/ Universal Music Production, Sarao Music, Talib Kweli, Young RJ (of Slum Village), John Robinson, Scienz of Life, MF DOOM, Sadat X, K-Hill, El De Sensei, ILL Mind, Big RUSH, 14KT, J Rawls, Low Budget, ZOI and many others.

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MAY 2020

"Soundrenaline Festival"

JUN 2020

"Pack on Baroe Festival"

JUL 2020

"Fighting for Covid-19"

JUN 2020

"Pacah Paruik Den"

SEP 2020

"Gendang Perang"


“Where Brilliance Meets Rhythm. Step into the realm of musical excellence with Tiffany Paige, home to the supernova talent, where every note ignites the soul and every performance leaves audiences spellbound. A beacon of innovation and passion in the music industry, Tiffany Paige delivers unparalleled artistry, setting the stage for the next generation of superstars to shine”.

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